Smart Doors

During deliveries of temperature sensitive loads, carriers must be cognizant of the amount of time reefer doors are left open. Manual trailer doors often remain open during deliveries, which significantly affects the temperature and humidity level inside the trailer and can endanger the quality and safety of the cargo. The ASSA ABLOY RR200 M mobile high-speed door offers an innovative solution to this problem.

According to the company, this automatic door provides temperature control, food chain security and up to 40-percent fuel savings. It opens and closes quickly, streamlining the food delivery process while providing a constant temperature and humidity barrier for the trailer interior.

The ASSA ABLOY RR200 M is available on Great Dane Everest reefers. This door meets Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations by providing a constant physical barrier between the products and ambient environmental conditions. It also reduces condensation and ice buildup in the trailer, which can limit drivers’ visibility and result in injury or product selection errors.

Drivers use a remote key fob or the wall-mounted pushbutton inside the reefer unit to operate the door. After a preset time, and using a number of safety sensors, the door automatically closes just as quickly. Drivers only need to tap a button when they wish to pass through the opening and the ASSA ABLOY RR200 M automatically takes care of the rest.