Side Skirting

The right side skirt on your trailer can save you money. Great Dane customers who choose a Laydon Composites TrailerSkirt get a well-designed aerodynamic side skirt that is proven effective and durable in some of the toughest situations. And it looks good, too.

Smart and Efficient

Laydon Composites (LCL), a pioneer in trailer aerodynamics with 30 years of experience, says the TrailerSkirt is lighter than many other trailer skirts but strong enough to get the job done.

The TrailerSkirt has earned EPA SmartWay and California Air Resources Board (CARB) approval, validating its use to increase fuel efficiency, which can help your bottom line.

Designed to Bend and Stay Clean

The LCL TrailerSkirt has a rugged design that uses Impact Guard’s advanced fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite panels. This provides superior performance similar to Great Dane’s PunctureGuard interior linings. In addition to the skirts being shaker-tested and flex-tested, they are proven on the road. Their resilient design allows for substantial bending in the event the skirt needs to flex. The skirts also stay cleaner than others because they have a polymer construction and corrosion resistant hardware. You can trust this skirt will provide value and look good mile after mile.