Setting Great Expectations

“What else can we do?” It’s a question that every successful business should be asking itself on a daily basis: What else can we do to provide more value to our customers? To exceed their expectations? To go above and beyond all the time, every time?

In doing business for 68 years, these are the types of questions that have driven Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL) to finding solutions and improving the services they provide to their customers. Most recently, SEFL has seen a growing demand for final-mile delivery services within the less-than-truckload (LTL) segment and set out to provide additional value to its customers by fielding a lineup of Great Dane Sahara C-Series truck bodies.

“All of the big box stores are providing one and two-day delivery on the majority of their products,” explained Kerry Stritt, Vice President of Fleet Services. “Our small truck operation is an extension of what we currently do. It is beneficial with residential and small business shipments, especially those without a receiving dock. It also saves on fuel compared to the traditional, larger tractor and trailer. The initial investment in the piece of equipment is lower than the traditional tractor and trailer as well.”

For SEFL, not just any truck body would do. SEFL worked hand-in-hand with Great Dane to design a 20-foot, 6-inch C-Series composite plate Sahara truck body that sports several unique safety features, such as Entorno Industrial side underride guards mounted to the sides of the truck body for enhanced safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, an RVS Systems backup camera featuring a color monitor with sound gives the driver more awareness of what is happening around the truck body.

The truck body also features a Grote 100% LED Long Life Lighting System with all-in-one stop, tail, turn and backup lights as well as interior motion sensor dome lighting for additional safety during loading and unloading of cargo. All these components play a role in SEFL’s holistic safety strategy.

“Liftgates and internal LED lights are the main components for the box,” Stritt said, “and as far as the truck, we are looking for Available Sahara Truck Body Collision Mitigation systems with blind spot and lane departure features.”

The other two equipment “must-haves” are durability and low maintenance demands. SEFL’s dedication to equipment and service excellence shines through in its customer satisfaction, which has garnered more than 430 quality awards from respected companies across the country. You can be sure that the 8,200 service-minded associates that make SEFL a success are already working on the next answer to the question: “What else can we do?”