Seal in the Cold

Summer heat brings challenges for companies that deliver food in a reefer. Every time a reefer door opens is another opportunity for warm air to enter the trailer, which can threaten food safety and put stress on the cooling unit. That’s why it’s so important that the reefer has safe and efficient doors to keep the cold air in when closed.

Great Dane reefer doors provide durable air-tight seals that can save you money in the long run. Whether you are choosing a rear door, side door or inside bulkhead door, Great Dane can help you choose the right one for your needs.

crane loading of metal on a roll in the plant, steel coils

Loading and unloading cargo can damage a reefer door, so it better be durable. And when it is closed, it must have an efficient seal. Great Dane offers tough all-aluminum swing doors that are sealed to eliminate moisture intrusion and feature internal lateral braces for added strength, improving durability and maintaining a flat, smooth exterior. The all-aluminum swing doors have a unique gasket design with a triple seal to lock in cold air. The door opening has an integral PVC thermal barrier, which prevents the innermost gasket from freezing to the rear frame and reduces heat transfer.

Tri-fold rear doors are another option that minimizes cold air loss and improves driver safety. These rear doors are constructed like bi-fold doors, but instead of two equal-width doors, there are three doors. Food service companies often choose tri-fold doors so that they can hand deliver products through the center door and down a rear center pullout ramp or lift gate. The other two doors remain closed during the entire delivery event, and limit warm air entering the reefer.

Curbside loading and unloading can be a safer alternative to using a rear door. Great Dane’s unique side door design is available in multiple heights, widths and locations to provide quick and easy access to cargo. A unique blade lock design applies pressure evenly around the door for a complete perimeter compression seal of the door to help hold compartment temperatures. The low-profile design of this lock eliminates protruding hinges and lock rods, protecting the side doors from damage. For more than 35 years, Great Dane customers have chosen this proven door lock for its reliability. The low profile blade lock and hinges, which can be configured to meet customer needs, are also more aerodynamic than standard hinges.

If your loads require more than one temperature zone, consider movable bulkheads, which allow multi-temp compartmentalization. They can be positioned quickly to facilitate various loads and backhauls. A flat, smooth lining on the sides and ceiling provides excellent surface for divider bulkhead sealing. Adding an access door in the bulkhead makes it easy to access adjacent compartments with different temperatures.

For palletized loads, flat floors have several benefits over other floor types. Flat floors allow for better temperature control as moveable bulkheads have a tight-fitting seal across the flat floor surface. Also, delivery of products in and out of trailers with small-wheeled, hand-pushed carts is easier to operate than on ducted floors. Flat floors are not as prone to collect debris or snag pallets.

Strong and durable, Great Dane’s flat floors have an increased rating from 16K to 18K. Composite sills support the floor continuously for maximum support and are anchored by sill screws that employ an organic multi-layer coating system that resist corrosion. An impact-resistant thermoplastic sub-pan completes the floor design creating an extremely durable floor.