Sahara Takes Center Stage

The new Sahara dry freight truck body incorporates a combination of the best trailer and truck body designs from Great Dane and Johnson Truck Bodies. Quality and durability make this new offering extremely appealing.

Built-in Design Quality

Traditional Great Dane engineering is leveraged into the Sahara truck body design. The truck body’s lightweight design maximizes payload capacity and includes panels that are riveted to the outside of the bottom rail to prevent water intrusion. In addition, the design incorporates Great Dane’s exclusive maintenance-free tie-down system, which means there are no U-bolts.

More Great Features

The new Sahara features Grote LongLife sealed harness with 10-year warranty; .24-in. pre-painted white exterior composite plate panels with galvanized steel interior; EnduroGuard roll-up door frame; grab handles at rear, curbside, and roadside for easy loading and unloading; and a proven composite trailer upper corner design for durability and ease of repair.

Aftermarket Support

Add to all these features the aftermarket support network through the Great Dane AdvantEdge program and the Sahara has no other competitor.

Last Mile Solutions

With customers and food safety regulations becoming ever more demanding, the Alpine refrigerated truck body provides a cost-efficient, yet reliable solution for a wide range of refrigerated cargo applications. Thanks to its void-free panel foaming technology and strict quality control, it offers the highest level of thermal efficiency in the industry.

Great Dane’s complete line of truck bodies presents solutions from the first mile to the last.