Rolling Billboards: A Marketing Opportunity

Where you may look at a trailer and see only the productivity potential, EPIC Worldwide sees the revenue-producing potential of a rolling billboard. As your trailers are making in-city deliveries, traversing states and crisscrossing the country, they’re seen by consumers, both on the road and off. And that’s a huge marketing opportunity.

“Studies have shown that truck advertising, or Fleet Media, is the most cost-effective and influential form of advertising available,” said Mike Ahart, EPIC Worldwide’s executive vice president of sales. “Taking the advertising directly to the consumer is most effective in impacting shopping and purchasing decisions at a fraction of the cost for billboard space or other forms of media. Fleet Media represents some of the most valuable advertising real estate, achieving millions of visual impressions in markets across the country on their delivery routes.”

EPIC Worldwide is a full-service graphics company that provides design services, printing and installation of the innovative KWIK ZIP™ fleet graphic system.

How does it work?

EPIC Worldwide understands that your core competency is transporting products from points A to B in an efficient and timely manner; that’s why EPIC can fully develop and manage your entire Fleet Media program.

EPIC Worldwide takes the client-approved art files and produces an ultra-high definition vinyl graphic specifically designed by the company to stand up to the rigors of the transportation environment. Within as little as 48 hours, the printed vinyl and the anodized aluminum frame components needed for installation are shipped to the designated site—typically the trailer/truck body manufacturer or your distribution center—and EPIC’s staff installs the graphics on the trailers, outfitting both sides of a 53-foot trailer in approximately 30 minutes. EPIC can also train your staff to install or change out the KWIK ZIP™ graphics.

“Whether you utilize the space for your own advertising needs or sell a portion or all of your Fleet Media space to co-op vendors or third-party advertisers, EPIC can help turn your Fleet Media into a profit center,” Ahart said confidently. “The KWIK ZIP™ graphic system also presents a great opportunity to transportation companies that have designated some portion of their fleet to dedicated carriage. The ability to demonstrate your dedication to your customer by wrapping trailers with their marketing material adds value to your bid responses.”

Ahart went on to explain that the ability to add or remove full graphics to trailers in a matter of minutes, without any impact to your existing graphics and no out-of-service time, is what makes the KWIK ZIP™ graphic system unique in the dedicated space.

When you get down to the dollars and cents of Fleet Media advertising, Ahart said that ROI can be seen within as little as three months, depending on the trailer’s route, when selling Fleet Media space to a co-op vendor or third-party advertiser.

“The ROI of subsequent graphic change outs can be realized in half that time, and the benefit of using the Fleet Media potential of multiple trailers is seen in the form of additional revenue,” Ahart said. “The hardest part of getting started is overcoming the perception that challenges associated with the change will not be easily overcome. EPIC Worldwide has a history of working with large customers to unlock this potential and have sales associates who themselves worked for some of the largest fleets in the United States. Our team of professionals works hard to ensure the success of your project.”