Protecting Your Reefer from its Biggest Predator

In the world of refrigerated trailer transportation, moisture is a primary concern. Of course, it’s also unavoidable given a reefer’s application. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to put moisture in its place. But first you have to know what to look for – so let’s take a walk around the reefers you currently field.

One of the telltale signs of moisture intrusion inside the trailer is frost on the metals, like the aluminum floor, scuff, frames or the cargo securements. Keep a close eye on the warmer side of the trailer’s body structure because that is where condensation will appear. Additionally, the connection areas on the trailer are highly susceptible to moisture intrusion. These areas include where the walls meet the front and rear corners, the top rail to roof connection, TCU to mounting frame, floor to wall, and the door gasket mating surface with the frame.

The right trailer specs are your first line of defense against moisture intrusion. Take wood for example. It is extremely susceptible to moisture absorption, which causes weight gain and rot, and ultimately, reduces the useful life of your trailer. In Great Dane’s Everest reefers, composite sills and furring replace the use of wood as support in construction. Composite sills will not only protect your trailer and goods, but also reduce the trailer’s overall weight without sacrificing durability, especially in the case of the Everest, which comes standard with PunctureGuard interior lining protection.

Taking thermal efficiency a step further, Great Dane’s ThermoGuard protects reefers from moisture by preventing moisture absorption through the lining, protecting the foam insulation from outgassing. Outgassing occurs when the refrigeration unit’s Hydrofluorocarbon Gas in the polyurethane foam system escapes into the atmosphere and is replaced by moisture. ThermoGuard’s patented technology is designed to prevent this process from happening. The metal barrier within the ThermoGuard lining prevents the blowing agent from permeating out. By retaining the insulator gas, the thermal performance of the polyurethane foam system is maintained for long periods of time and prevents weight gain caused by moisture intrusion.

Great Dane’s Everest reefers have several other features that help prevent moisture intrusion. The high-quality foam insulation process and wall design guarantee void-free panel construction, while the modular design eliminates gaps between construction areas. All-aluminum rear swing doors feature a unique gasket design that provides a triple seal to lock in cold air. Great Dane’s exclusive blade lock side door closure exerts constant pressure along the full height of the door to prevent air loss around the total perimeter of the door.

The Everest’s high-performance floor design protects cargo from underneath and helps ensure proper temperatures. It is automatically welded to seal out moisture and the composite floor sills are engineered for maximum durability and defense against moisture intrusion. An impact-resistant thermoplastic sub-pan completes the floor design, creating an extremely durable and well-protected floor.

Finally, if you’re looking to spec a multi-temp reefer, ensure that all these components will stand up to the varied temperatures and application rigors.