Protecting Equipment from What You Can’t See

When it comes to transporting food, safety is paramount. Food safety standards are strict, and when it comes to food transportation, it makes smart business sense to meet and exceed them. In a daily delivery operation where foods are stocked constantly, they must arrive safe and sterile. Just like in its refrigerated trailers, Great Dane is bringing Microban antimicrobial technology to its Alpine refrigerated truck bodies to further protect products. Microban protection is featured in PunctureGuard and ThermoGuard interior linings.

The biggest challenge that truck body applications face in terms of food delivery is the frequent loading and unloading of goods by hand and smaller loading equipment. Temperature control is a concern because of the high frequency of ingress and egress and the operation of access doors. This all adds up to a higher chance of contamination.

Microban technology actively fights bacteria, stains and odors in the liner, providing greater product protection against the potential growth of microorganisms and suppressing microorganism reproduction. It helps support the requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA) by offering broad-spectrum 24/7 antimicrobial product protection.

So what is a microbe and why does it matter in food transportation equipment?

A microbe is a microscopic organism that covers virtually all the surfaces that you come in contact with every day – from your truck’s steering wheel to your cell phone screen. On unprotected surfaces, microbes can double in number every 20 minutes, making it more challenging to effectively clean surfaces and equipment.

That’s where Microban comes in. In lab tests, liners treated with Microban technology exhibited reduced microbial growth when tested against stain and odor-causing bacteria common to product degradation. That’s a level of security your customers can trust. With standard Microban technology included, you can be a champion for the cleaner delivery of goods.