One Call, That’s All

The open road is full of uncertainties. When you field more than 50,000 trailers, like Bowman Trailer Leasing commands, the consequences of that reality increase exponentially.

Headquartered in Williamsport, Maryland, Bowman Trailer Leasing has more than 30 locations in the eastern U.S. and offers road trailers, storage trailers and sea containers. In the event of an emergency trailer service issue, Tammy Young, Bowman’s director of maintenance and risk management, turns to Great Dane’s National Aftermarket Parts and Service Program, AdvantEDGE, to get her trailers back on the road.

“With the AdvantEDGE program, we don’t have to worry if the issue is mechanical or tire related,” Young said. “I don’t have to worry about calling a tire vendor and a mechanic, and working out the details with two vendors. It takes one call, period.”

“When you can cut your phone call down to one 10-minute call instead of two hours of phone calls, you can provide better service to more customers,” added James Mitchell, Bowman Trailer Leasing shop manager. “With Great Dane’s quality parts and Love’s expeditious service, we can keep customers rolling, making them happy and fulfilling our primary goal.”

Tire service issues and costs were one of Young’s biggest headaches. Thanks to Great DaneAdvantEDGE’s partnership with Love’s Travel Stops, which added more than 500 mobile service trucks in more than 350 locations nationwide to Great Dane’s service network, Young knows that she’s going to get the same quality service and standardized pricing regardless of where a trailer goes down.

“I have seen an improvement in productivity and cutting down on tire costs by being able to analyze who is buying what and where. And, it frees up my time to allow me to focus on other projects. So with Great Dane AdvantEDGE on my side, it’s a win-win.” Young said. “Great Dane, Love’s Travel Stops and Bowman Trailer Leasing work together like links in a chain to make the final product.”