More Than Just Trailers and Truck Bodies


It’s a question we start asking as soon as we can speak and continue asking all throughout our lives: Why can’t I have another cookie? Why doesn’t my phone work the way I want it to? Why are we here?

As a company, Great Dane is no stranger to its own “Why?” questions, but driven by its vision and supported by its values – the company has found its answers.

“We champion the needs of our customers by ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of goods and champion the needs of our employees by creating a dynamic environment for growth.”

This Why Statement is Great Dane’s purpose. It’s what keeps our trailers and truck bodies rolling productively and our employees thinking creatively about the solutions that are just around the bend. Our vision is to be the champion for the transportation industry by putting our leadership into action every day. This means being an advocate for our customers and standing up for their needs and providing more than bottom-line solutions.

Our values are safety, leadership, innovation, integrity, quality and passion. These are more than words that are put on a wall and forgotten. They define the behaviors that we value in the people who work for Great Dane.

It all starts with safety. By putting safety first, we put our employees and customers first. Our commitment to our customers is guided by integrity – knowing the right thing to do and doing it. It’s the spark of creation that fuels our passion, be it in the innovation of a new trailer technology or a new after-sale support structure that reduces unscheduled downtime. Efficiency and quality create the road down which our products are developed and rolled out. They are the foundation on which we build. And we lead because we listen – to our customers, our employees and the industry.

The end results are our products, which reflect each and every one of our values. Those products are backed by Great Dane’s network of corporate-owned branches and independent dealers, which offer a broad range of distribution points for new and used trailers as well as aftermarket services across North and South America.

Without commitment from each and every employee along the way, our customers would not be able to deliver the food we eat, build the homes we live in or clean the water we drink. And this commitment is what has allowed Great Dane to build a reputation as an industry leader, providing the highest quality products and support in the industry for 100+ years.