Mission Possible

Six fleet customers who participated in a Fleet Forum during Great Dane’s Aftermarket Parts and Service Conference (APSC) in May emphasized the importance of good customer service and communication during the trailer repair process.

The customers included PAM Transport, Dean Foods, Marten Transport, Stevens Transport, Erb Group and Stage Call.

More than 400 people attended the Fleet Forum, including Great Dane leaders, aftermarket managers, full-service dealers, independent dealers and suppliers. The panel participants and audience discussed customer service, technology, networking, outsourcing and procurement.

The APSC was Great Dane’s largest event ever and was hailed as a resounding success by many participants.

Here’s what the Fleet Forum panel participants had to say:

Customer Service

The panel participants focused on clear communication and quick repair service as the hallmarks of good customer service. They said clear communication about the repair work, repair turnaround time, and an accurate estimate of cost to get the trailer back on the road were examples of what they looked for in a good aftermarket partner. Reducing downtime was discussed at length. Downtime is money lost; the faster the trailer gets back on the road the better. Fleets want the service shop to be the eyes and ears of the fleet manager and help the manager know what’s happening to the trailer.


Telematics are becoming a commonly requested spec. Information such as trailer utilization and maintenance information is valuable and can help business managers make decisions that impact the bottom line.


Fleets say, “Yes, networks all the way.” Being a part of a network allows a fleet to have a wider range of coverage. AdvantEDGE, Great Dane’s national aftermarket parts and service network, gives fleets coverage nationwide to more than 115 locations. The program also streamlines the function of parts and service centers, including ordering, pricing and invoicing.


A lot of large fleets handle regular maintenance and inspections internally, but when major problems arise, such as structural damage, they look for partners to outsource. Time, quality and cost are the top reasons these fleet customers outsource beyond the day-to day upkeep.


They said they prefer to choose shops with parts availability, OEM parts and best pricing. AdvantEDGE meets those needs.

The Take-away

Great Dane customers really value customer service and effective communication. In addition, they want OEM parts and service that help them reduce downtime to minimize lost revenue – and they want all of this in a network of providers who support and protect their interests.