From One to 100

It only takes a single spark to light a fire. For Mido’s Trucking, that spark was Midhat Selimovic, who started the company as a one-man operation in 2008 and has grown into a fleet of nearly 100 trucks. Ten years is a relatively short time for such explosive growth for the St. Louis-based carrier that delivers to all 48 contiguous United States, offering truckload, less-than-truckload, warehouse and storage, and truck and trailer parking services. The key to the fleet’s success, according to Selimovic, is putting the right equipment into the hands of the right people.


“The main force behind our continuous growth is our team of employees and drivers who, with their dedication and commitment, help us reach amazing levels in our industry,” Selimovic said. “Our drivers sincerely enjoy running over the road in new trucks and trailers. Not only does it help them feel at ease safety-wise, but it helps make their jobs easier, knowing they will have few breakdowns or delays at shipping sites.”

Mido’s Trucking impressively fields a fleet of equipment that is 95 percent new. Selimovic explained that the reason behind the new equipment strategy is that it helps ensure a high level of safety.

“Keeping newer equipment is one of the main factors that has helped us maintain good safety ratings when it comes to vehicle maintenance,” he said. “We encounter very few over-the-road problems that impact our safety and having new trucks and trailers is the main reason for that.”

Great Dane makes up 99 percent of the trailers in Mido’s equipment quiver. He explained that turning trailers around quickly helps to not only maintain a high level of safety on the road, but also reduces operating costs associated with unplanned maintenance and helps Mido’s Trucking provide better customer service to its clients.

“We have used other brand trailers in the past but have found Great Dane to be much better quality,” Selimovic said. “Great Dane trailers are very durable and reliable.”

Durability and reliability are Great Dane’s Champion Series dry freight trailers’ one-two punch of productivity.

This series includes:

  • Multiple interior lining options such as PunctureGuard, SSL galvalume and HDPE plastic for the toughest applications
  • A tension-mounted aluminum roof sheet design is permanently bonded to galvanized anti-snag roof bows and then secured to the side rails with two fasteners on each side for maximum reinforcement


What are the Big Spec Features or Options that Help Increase Durability and Reliability?

Mido’s Trucking also keeps a close eye on its trailers as they traverse the country. Selimovic explained that the entire fleet is outfitted with GPS, allowing a high degree of trailer location visibility.

“Using this technology has helped us maintain close vision of our fleet as well as provide better service to our customers by having access to their freight’s status at all times,” Selimovic said. “We foresee this technology advancing even more and allowing us to expand our use of it.”

And Mido’s Trucking shows no sign of slowing down. Its commitment to the latest equipment and the top-performing drivers will ensure its growth in the decades to come.