McElroy Delivers More Payload to Customers

In 1964, J.C. McElroy, Jr. started a small pulpwood trucking business with one truck, a power saw and a big-stick loader. This company quickly grew and by the 1970s had become a logging contractor hauling chips, sawdust and shavings for local mills. In 1985, the flatbed portion of the operation expanded to form its own separate business, named McElroy Truck Lines (MTL).

Today MTL hauls building products – roofing, wallboard and wood products – and meets its hauling needs with Great Dane flatbed trailers. Routes run from northern Florida to New York along the Eastern Seaboard and west to the lower edge of Minnesota and south to Eastern Texas.

The MTL fleet runs 48-ft. tandem-axle Freedom LT, combo trailers. These trailers are spec’d for strength and high performance, featuring no-nail strips, slide winches on both sides of the flatbed and a special rear axle placement to balance weight on the tractor/trailer combinations. The trailers run on steel wheels with low-profile 22.5-in. Bridgestone tires.

In addition to high performance, McElroy trailers have a high-end appearance. The trailers are painted red to match its power equipment.

The Right Choice

As a longtime combo customer, McElroy recently put one of Great Dane’s new all-aluminum Freedom XP flatbed trailers in the field. These trailers are designed for strength and durability, but weigh-in as one of the industry’s lightest base weight trailers available. According to MTL President, Jay McElroy, “We save over 2,000 pounds per trailer, which means we are able to offer more payload to our customers. In addition, we have found that the aluminum flatbeds offer better corrosion resistance than steel in areas where road salts are extensively used.”

A Good Investment

Specifying Great Dane Freedom LT trailers has proven residual value. McElroy states, “We have found that our combo trailers retain value. We operate and maintain trailers in our system for over 10 years and our Great Dane combos have performed well, and I expect our Freedom XP all-aluminum trailer will live up to our expectations.”

3 Things to Know About our FXP Flatbed

  1. Weight Conscious: With a base weight of 8,200 lbs., the FXP is one of the industry’s lightest all-aluminum flatbeds.
  2. Reliable & Durable: This flatbed is designed for strength and durability while maximizing payload versatility.
  3. High Performance: Rated for loads up to 52,000 lbs., or up to 60,000 lbs. as an option in 4 ft. increments, and 120,000 lbs. evenly distributed.


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