Marvin Windows and Doors Go to Market in Style

Marvin Windows and Doors, a fourth-generation family-owned business, takes pride in its high quality windows and doors, and in the truck-trailer units that take them to market. What began as a family company built on a code of honesty and hard work, is now one of the world’s premier window and door companies. Marvin is known for its craftsmanship and rich legacy of producing high-quality and innovative products. The company takes on projects that others can’t do.

Marvin Windows and Doors consistently works to ensure its American-made products live up to the company’s high standards every single day, including how they are shipped and delivered to customers. Its products are made-to-order, so they range in size, shape and weight, and are fragile. Moving them to an installation site in the same condition as they left Marvin’s manufacturing plant is very important, and that’s why it has selected Great Dane trailers to move its windows and doors safely and securely. Great Dane’s high-quality, customized trailers match the integrity of Marvin’s windows and doors.

“We have 300 plus Great Dane trailers in our fleet and we view them as a huge bonus to our business,” said Dan Lykken, director of transportation for Marvin Windows and Doors. “We could outsource delivery, but the trailers, which are built to meet our needs, also reinforce our identity and provide value.”

Marvin purchases its trailers with longevity in mind. It runs trailers in its fleet for about 15 years, and then retires them into storage service.

The company also capitalizes on the fact that its trailers are moving billboards by adding logo decals on its Great Dane trailers, which roll out of its factories with distinctive bright yellow gel coat paint on the sides.

Marvin purchases Great Dane Champion dry van trailers specially spec’d to transport its windows. “We use the trailer interiors like a big box to securely hold our windows,” said Lykken. “Each window is loaded individually – they are rolled in on a cart, and stacked in a way that supports and secures them inside the trailer. Loading them this way is one of the reasons we spec’ Great Dane’s fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) trailers rather than aluminum, which could bend out of shape.”

Great Dane’s FRP trailers are versatile and durable, and are designed to maximize interior space.

For additional strength within the trailer, the company also spec’s hardwood flooring, a 36-inch glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) fiberglass scuff band for the interior walls, and a 50-inch pre-arched FRP roof that is joint-free using 9-foot-wide plywood by Fiber-Tech.

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