Lighter. Stronger. Better.

Increased strength and reduced overall weight – those two benefits may appear to be opposed, but when it comes to trailer flooring, you can have the best of both worlds thanks to composite flooring. While most composite floors would save 200 to 300 pounds, Prolam Wingolite composite floor can save between 300 and 425 pounds compared to a standard oak floor.

But how does it save all that weight?

Composite flooring is a hardwood floor that is supplemented by a fiber-reinforced epoxy layer. This reduces the thickness of the wood, thus reducing the weight. Prolam Wingolite uses an exclusive fiber layer, making it even lighter – 110 to 135 pounds lighter than other composite floor options. The return on investment is even more attractive for heavy cargo applications, such as paper roll, automotive parts, beverage transportation and beyond.

To protect the top surface of its Wingolite floor, Prolam makes its Waxin8 Protection standard. Waxin8 is a paraffin wax treatment that penetrates the wood fiber to create a virtually waterproof barrier near the rear doors of the trailers.