Jost AX150 Supports Freedom XP Loads

Great Dane’s all-aluminum FXP flatbed now comes standard with Jost’s AX150 Alumilight series landing gear.

This landing gear is an aluminum hybrid series with an all-aluminum extruded upper leg and a high-strength low-alloy lower leg to provide strength and weight savings. It is built for a maximum static load rating of 160,000 lbs. and a rated lift capacity of 55,000 lbs. The AX150 comes with a 3/8″ x 2″ reinforcing strap that allows for superior strength and a side load capacity of 29,000 pounds per set.

To help keep out moisture, the landing gear is equipped with a steel cover sealed with silicone. This series is available for outside and inside mounting and allows for interchangeability with standard JOST gear trains. The AX150 comes with a 10-year low-maintenance warranty.