Introducing: The Barker

At Great Dane, we value the connection with our community above all else. As a company with roots across this great nation, and a history stretching back more than 120 years, that connection has evolved and strengthened through the years.

Over sixty years ago, we created a newsletter for our employees called “The Great Dane Barker”. Designed to reach out with news and other stories from the transportation world, it was a simple step toward more frequent and better communication with our community.

At Great Dane, we always strive to remember exactly where we came from, while we look ahead to a bright future. We brought The Great Dane Barker forward through time, expanding its reach to our entire community. Whether you’ve known us for decades or you’re brand-new to the company, whether you’re a customer, employee, or partner–our new blog space has something for everyone.

The Barker is a great place to connect to the commercial transportation industry. You’ll read about every aspect of our business, like highlights from our one-of-a-kind technician training program, or our best tips for trailer maintenance. We’ll share employee highlights and successes, as well as new innovations coming your way. The Barker has something for everyone, and we’re eager to continue the conversation. At Great Dane, we live to serve our purpose: providing our customers with premium goods mobility solutions. The Barker is another piece of that mission.

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