Handling Heavy Hauls

Norfolk Iron & Metal (NIM), headquartered in Norfolk, Nebraska, has been in business for more than a century. What started as a hide and scrap metal company in 1908 has evolved into one of the industry’s largest and most technologically advanced carbon steel providers. NIM prides itself on consistently delivering two things: products and promises. With a fleet of more than 120 semi-tractors and 250 trailers (each can carry up to 50,000 lbs. of steel), it can provide next-day delivery to 90 percent of its customers.

Meeting Expectations

According to Director of Logistics for NIM, Jeff Bessmer, “We are a steel service center, as part of our operation we are running a route business with most of our fleet. We have multiple stop loads and get into all kinds of areas to make our deliveries. We can either be in the middle of nowhere making a jobsite delivery or in the middle of a metro area.” Bessmer goes on to say, “With the multiple stop loads where we are twisting and turning in tight spots, also we have a vast array of carbon materials on our loads. The trailers must be very durable and without much arch for our operation.” The company runs Great Dane Freedom LT flatbeds.

The Right Features & Benefits

Bessmer says when choosing the right trailers for its application, the company wanted trailers that were not only lightweight, but also durable, so they chose the Great Dane Freedom LT. The NIM spec includes having all of the trailers outfitted with a sliding covering system to protect the product from the elements. In addition, NIM added smart lift systems to the front axles of their new flatbeds for empty backhauls and an electric rear axle rear axle dump for backing ease. Surprisingly both of these specs had not been done together before. Great Dane was able to overcome this obstacle with the help of its vendors and deliver NIM the trailer it needs.

Good Relationships

“Great Dane has been a great customer of ours for years,” notes Bessmer, “and whenever possible we like to do business with our family of customers. It also helped that we had a good relationship with our Great Dane dealer, Jim Hawk.” He goes on to say that NIM has been buying parts for its existing fleet through the Jim Hawk dealership and that the dealer is very familiar with the NIM operation. But ultimately, Great Dane’s ability to provide customized trailers tailored to customers’ needs is one of the main reasons they keep coming back.