Great Dane Training Programs Receive ASE Accreditation

Last year, the Automotive Training Managers Council (ATMC) evaluated Great Dane’s processes for developing and delivering training and then recommended accreditation as an ASE Accredited Training Provider of Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE).

The ASE accreditation program is administered by the ATMC, a nonprofit organization that has been a member of ASE’s Industry Education Alliance since 2009.

This is the first time a trailer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has received ASE accreditation for its training programs.

The ASE accreditation, which covers Great Dane’s online training and instructor-led training is currently being used for service technicians in our aftermarket facilities.

“ASE accreditation assures our customers that our training processes are held to a national standard,” said Dave Durand, Great Dane’s vice president of Aftermarket Parts and Service. “Through our training program, our technicians will prove their knowledge and skills in trailer maintenance by passing theoretical and practical tests in their specialties”

“We are proud that our online and instructor-led training program has received this accreditation,” Durand said. “Our training program ensures our technicians know how to perform maintenance safely and efficiently.”

The service technician training will help Great Dane technicians provide the safe, consistent and quality workmanship that Great Dane customers expect. It will also help customers increase uptime by putting trailers back on the road quickly.

Major companies in the automotive services industry that have ASE accreditation include Toyota, General Motors and Penske Truck Leasing.