Great Dane Supports TechForce Foundation’s FutureTech Success Campaign

Great Dane has signed on as a supporter of TechForce Foundation’s FutureTech Success campaign, helping to close the skills gap for entry-level technicians in the transportation industry. This opportunity to partner with a leading manufacturer of commercial trailers will accelerate and drive future careers in this growing industry by providing new insight on different paths that are available.

The FutureTech Success campaign was created by TechForce Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), to ignite the passion and sense of purpose in students who love working with their hands, while also repositioning the image of the technical profession as a high-tech, in-demand, and rewarding career choice. Through the partnership, Great Dane and TechForce hope to reach parents, educators, influencers and future techs with the message that today’s transportation technicians are highly sought after and respected in the industry.

With a number of factors contributing to the technician shortage, Great Dane is committed to building a sustainable technician pipeline for the future. “Great Dane is excited to partner with TechForce Foundation,” said Brandie Fuller, Vice President of Marketing at Great Dane. “We want to help students discover that there are truly rewarding careers available where they can work with their hands and provide them with new opportunities to experience and engage with the trucking and trailer industry.”

“This partnership will introduce future techs to the diversity of the industry, allowing them to see that the trucking and trailer technician pathway provides endless opportunities and that the full scope of the transportation industry is united in its need and respect for technicians,” explains Susan Dober, Great Dane’s Director of Organizational Learning.

“We’re out to prove that not only is a technical career a worthy one, but also one that is challenging, sophisticated and opportune to modern financial freedom,” said Jennifer Maher, Executive Director of TechForce Foundation. “Great Dane is a unifying company, one that will cross over and unite many in the trucking industry. Their collaboration with the FutureTech Success will catapult our mission and advance an industry and profession that’s as iconic and American as rock and roll.”

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