Great Dane Alpine Truck Bodies

It is hot. The thermometer on your dashboard might say 92 but the humidity makes it feel like at least 100 degrees outside. As you make your deliveries, you’re grateful for the air conditioner in your truck’s cab, and even more so for the refrigeration and insulation technology that keeps your products at the right temperature in the back of your truck. With everything else you have to worry about, it’s nice to know that the load you’re hauling is kept at a safe temperature.

Fleets that deliver temperature-sensitive products, specifically those that must adhere to the new, more demanding food safety regulations, will find that the Great Dane Alpine truck body provides a cost-efficient and reliable solution for a wide sector of applications, including last mile deliveries.

Alpine customers receive the highest level of thermal efficiency in the industry thanks to the void-free panel foaming technology of the body and strict quality control that goes into every Alpine truck body.

The Alpine incorporates industry-leading refrigerated trailer and truck body technology from Great Dane and Johnson Truck Bodies. The body construction allows for quick replacements of entire walls or roofs wtih the same durability and thermal consistency in the event of major impact damage.

As opposed to the industry standard 1.375-inch “Z” posts, the Alpine’s .040-inch flat aluminum skin sheets, with 1.125-inch extruded aluminum “J” posts on 16-inch centers help increase thermal efficiency without compromising structural integrity. The Apitong furring is strategically placed only where needed, behind the scuffband and logistics racks, which also results in reduced weight and lower heat transfer.

The Alpine’s innovative foaming process ensures optimal foam quality and void-free insulation, which equates to maximum thermal performance and consistent insulation thickness. The Alpine can be ordered with the traditional glassboard liners. For maximum thermal efficiency and durability, Great Dane offers the same proprietary liner protection as its refrigerated trailers with PunctureGuard and ThermoGuard. By design, ThermoGuard liners minimize the outgassing and thermal degradation that occurs over the life of insulated bodies and trailers.

Alpine’s front exterior has stainless steel radius corners to provide impact and corrosion protection. The heavy-duty sidewall top rail provides structural integrity and prevents damage to the body. The cooling unit frame is made with heavy-duty extruded aluminum to eliminate corrosion. The reinforced extruded aluminum front top corners are easy to repair and seal, and guard against impact damage and water intrusion.

Sidewalls have three solid rivets to secure the sidewall post to the bottom rail, making it the strongest connection available. There is also a 10-inch-high extruded aluminum integral scuffband that extends to the front wall to protect the walls from forklift and cargo damage.

Alpine’s durable floor is supported by fir sills, which are stronger and more rot-resistant than pine. The fir sills are anchored by corrosion-resistant sill screws. Additionally, its impact-resistant thermoplastic sub-pan helps protect against moisture and caustic chemical intrusion.

The Alpine offers a unique blade lock side door design that applies pressure evenly for a complete seal for the full height of the door to seal in cold temperatures. The low-profile design eliminates protruding hinges and lock rods, protecting side doors from damage.