Freedom XP Delivers More

Weight-conscious fleets will find that FXP flatbed trailers allow for heavier loads without sacrificing durability. With a base weight of 8,200 pounds, the FXP is one of the industry’s lightest all-aluminum flatbeds. The standard FXP is rated for concentrated loads up to 52,000 pounds in four linear feet. Evenly distributed load rating is 120,000 pounds. An available heavy-duty option boosts the concentrated load rating to 60,000 pounds.

The FXP beams have been designed for increased strength via a more efficient beam profile. The beams have stainless steel rivets through most of the length, which are more rust resistant. The suspension area has been redesigned, resulting in lighter weight. As an added benefit, this profile also allows for more swing clearance ahead of the support gear.

The FXP flatbed is designed for strength and durability while maximizing payload and versatility. It comes standard with the Jost AX150 hybrid aluminum series landing gear. In addition, there is now a streamlined wiring harness, and new and improved front and rear corner cosmetics that have welded corners rather than bolted connections.

For versatility, reliability and durability for years to come, choose the Great Dane FXP.