Find Out All You Need to Know About Trailer Telematics at TMC

Great Dane Chief Engineer Dennis Skaradzinski will be presenting on trailer telematics during a study session at the 2018 TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition. Skaradzinski will be one of four presenters during a study group session titled “Trailer Telematics: How Smart Trailers are Revolutionizing Fleet Operations” on Wednesday, March 7 from 4:45-6:15 p.m. This session will cover what telematics systems are currently available, how trailer telematics can be useful to fleet management, and how fleets are leveraging trailer telematics to improve safety, reduce maintenance and minimize costs.

As Great Dane’s Chief Engineer, Skaradzinski has gained a wealth of knowledge about telematics integration, sensors, data collection and application and much more. His presentation during this TMC study session will reflect the insights he has gained and educate attendees about telematics systems from a trailer OEM’s perspective. Some of the topics he will cover include data, analytics, sensors today and tomorrow, and the challenges with communication messaging protocols within the industry and the development of standards for communication.

Great Dane will also be exhibiting at the TMC Exhibition at Booth #3143. The company’s booth will highlight new technologies and innovations of today and tomorrow.