ETT 20.3 : Making Life Easier

Dear Customer,

In today’s accelerated world, people are constantly striving to make something in life easier, whether that’s buying groceries, cleaning, driving or just about anything else. And since we now live in a world where we can turn off the lights, change the channel and order pizza by simply using our voices, it’s actually easier than ever to make life, well, easier. In this issue of Evolving Trailer Technology, read about some of the ways Great Dane is working to make its customers’ lives easier – from customizable truck body solutions to flexible stock program options and much more.

Thanks to the rapid rise of e-commerce and an increase in on-demand deliveries, the last mile is now one of the fastest-growing sectors in transportation. As the demand for delivery of prepared meals and other food products has expanded into the final mile, new challenges have been created for companies delivering multiple goods that require different temperatures. In this issue, read about some of the last mile solutions Great Dane offers, and how one customer is utilizing Great Dane’s Johnson R-Series truck body to provide nutritious meals to those in need.

With the rise of e-commerce has also come a drastic shortage of drivers in the trucking industry. Check out the article on page 10 to read about how Great Dane can help companies address some of the challenges of the driver shortage by developing equipment and technologies to help draw in the next generation of truck drivers.

While being able to have custom-built equipment tailored to your exact needs is ideal, sometimes you just need a quality piece of equipment that’s ready to go right now. And that’s where Great Dane’s stock program comes into play. Read about how Great Dane’s trailer and truck body stock program can provide the flexibility to purchase the equipment you need when and where you need it on page 12.

To help mitigate some of the issues of refrigerated trailers and truck bodies, such as thermal efficiency loss and insulation outgassing, Great Dane developed its patented ThermoGuard lining. ThermoGuard’s multi-layered design includes a foil metal barrier layer within a composite layer that seals the insulation and significantly reduces insulation degradation. Read more about how this innovative product can help provide greater value over the life of your refrigerated equipment on page 14.

Great Dane is committed to meeting all the needs of its customers. From building quality products to providing innovative solutions, Great Dane strives to make its customers’ jobs and lives easier each and every day.

Best regards,

Brandie M. Fuller
Vice President, Marketing
Great Dane