ETT 20.2 : Value in Every Inch

Dear Customer,

As fleet owners in this era of e-commerce know well, every square inch of a trailer or truck body is more valuable than ever before. When you invest in a piece of equipment, you want to get the most value out of that equipment for the longest period of time possible, and when you’re finished with it, you want to be able to sell it for a solid price. In this issue of Evolving Trailer Technology, read about how Great Dane is working with industry partners to provide its customers with innovative solutions that enhance the overall value and lifecycle of its trailers and truck bodies.

Innovation is the pursuit of excellence, and Great Dane’s new campaign, “Innovation That Moves You,” explores how the company delivers innovation that moves its customers’ business forward, helping them achieve new levels of safety and efficiency.

While forward-thinking design and a strong aftermarket network provide Great Dane’s customers with an impressive 10 to 15-year trailer life on average, the company recently accepted a challenge to design a trailer that could last for 20 years and beyond. This trailer was designed for extreme durability and an extended useful life. However, since a 20-year lifecycle is not typical and with a strong demand for high-quality used equipment, Great Dane has begun to enhance its used trailer division, leveraging its extensive network of 107 facilities and helping customers get the most out of their equipment.

Because innovation and collaboration go hand-in-hand, this issue also features several articles highlighting Great Dane’s industry partners, including the second article in the four-part series by Microban International, which discusses microorganisms that pose the greatest threat during transport. Another partnership highlighted is Great Dane’s work with JOST on new auto-coupling technology designed to ensure greater safety and efficiency during the tractor-trailer coupling process.

As part of Great Dane’s continuing efforts to remain at the forefront of technology, the company recently became the first trailer and truck body OEM to join the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) to help ensure that the framework for how blockchain technology will be utilized by the global transportation industry is inclusive of the trailer and truck body space. Read more about BiTA and blockchain technology in the transportation industry on page 14.

Finally, this issue features case studies of two of Great Dane’s customers who are utilizing Great Dane products in unique ways to exceed customer expectations, add new services and maintain high levels of safety on the road. With more than half of all Americans now electing to shop online, the e-commerce trend shows no signs of slowing down. Great Dane will continue to work with customers and industry partners to design innovative solutions that will keep us all moving forward.

Best regards,

Brandie M. Fuller
Vice President, Marketing
Great Dane