ETT 20.1 : The Power of Electricity

Dear Customer,

The concept of electricity has fascinated human beings since even before Benjamin Franklin tempted fate and played with lightning. Though Franklin gets most of the credit for discovering electricity, scientists have found evidence showing that even ancient people thousands of years ago experimented with harnessing this natural force. Today, we are still discovering new ways to use electricity to make our lives easier. In this issue of Evolving Trailer Technology, read about some of the new ways the transportation industry is implementing electricity to improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and more.

In this data-driven world, knowledge truly is power. With new technologies like trailer telematics, fleets can use data to make their operations more efficient and reduce maintenance costs. Great Dane is on the forefront of the smart trailer movement with its FleetPulse telematics system, and has recently partnered with digital innovation experts Inspire11 to help translate the data and analytics FleetPulse collects into a usable format for its customers. Read more about this exciting strategic partnership on page five.

The transportation industry today is developing new ways to harness the power of electricity from the top of vehicles to the bottom – literally. Engineers at eNow Solar Solutions have developed proprietary lightweight solar panels that are mounted to the top of trailers to capture sunlight and convert it to direct current (DC) electricity. This electricity can then be used to power things like refrigeration units, lift gates, safety lighting and more. Great Dane’s all-electric refrigeration system, the Johnson-AE Series, utilizes cold plate technology and battery power to provide consistent BTU capacity for most refrigerated applications without the need to burn diesel to refrigerate. Finally, engineers at ConMet have designed an electric wheel hub that uses regenerative braking technology to capture the energy created when brakes are applied and uses that energy to supplement drive power.

This issue of Evolving Trailer Technology also includes the first article in a four-part series by Great Dane’s partner Microban International that will more closely examine the microbiology of food transport and delivery equipment and reviews how to proactively maintain cleanliness on these surfaces. The first article examines the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and how to protect your trailer.

Finally, read the stories of three Great Dane customers and how they are utilizing the technologies and services that Great Dane offers to improve efficiency and maintain safe, reliable equipment. From the lightbulb to smart phones to all-electric vehicles, electricity and the ways we use it continue to evolve. Great Dane has been evolving for over 100 years and will continue to progress and develop new ways to utilize the technologies of today and tomorrow to move its products and the transportation industry forward.

Best regards,

Brandie M. Fuller
Vice President, Marketing
Great Dane