ETT 19.3 : Committed to Moving Goods Safely and More Efficiently

Dear Customer,

From autonomous trucks to platooning to all-electric vehicles, the transportation industry is rapidly changing. As an industry leader in the development of technology-based solutions, Great Dane uses technology to design new products to help its customers move goods in safer, more efficient ways and to help the industry continue to move forward. In this issue of Evolving Trailer Technology, read about some of the ways Great Dane is using technology to contribute to the advancement of the transportation industry.

Great Dane is proud to sponsor and participate in industry events where industry leaders come together to exchange ideas and innovate new solutions. For example, Great Dane sponsored the first Run on Less cross-country roadshow, which showcased advancements in freight efficiency. Great Dane fleet customer Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT) participated in the event and achieved exceptional results, including an 11.08 MPG average due, in part, to strategic spec’ing on its Great Dane Champion dry vans. Great Dane also provided a judge and six trailers to the IFDA Truck Driving Championship and battled Hurricane Irma to bring eight 53-foot dry vans to the TMC Technical Skills Competition in Orlando. Read more about the company’s participation in these events and MVT’s Run on Less results on page four.

Fighting corrosion, protecting refrigerated trailers from moisture intrusion and preventing bacterial growth are a few of the common customer issues that Great Dane is using technology to combat. As the harsh winter weather approaches, Great Dane is offering some tips in this issue for protecting your trailers from the threat of corrosion, preventing moisture intrusion and absorption, and fighting bacteria and contamination in both our trailers and in our refrigerated truck bodies for last mile deliveries.

Speaking of last-mile deliveries, the Great Dane Truck Bodies team has helped develop a new refrigeration system that uses two forms of energy storage: cold plates and a unique, lightweight, high-capacity auxiliary battery system. Charged using a combination of solar and utility power, the auxiliary battery requires no diesel power.

Finally, read about how Great Dane works with two of its customers to custom-design equipment to meet their needs. Penske and its partner Fabri-Kal work closely with their Great Dane design team to custom spec equipment that is durable and incorporates cost-saving trailer technology. Mark Vend Co. works with its Great Dane Truck Bodies team to design truck bodies that feature the temperature compartments and refrigeration systems the company needs to meet the demands of its micro market services.

The technological advancements the industry is seeing are fascinating and there is no end in sight. Great Dane will stay on the forefront of this revolution and continue to bring you the innovative solutions you’ve come to expect.

Best regards,

Brandie M. Fuller
Vice President, Marketing
Great Dane