ETT 18.3: Lights, Cameras, Action

Dear Customer,

It’s always exciting to introduce new products to the marketplace, especially when you know the products are high quality and going to be well received. In this issue of Evolving Trailer Technology we highlight a few products Great Dane developed with industry partners to help improve safety and efficiency. Leading the list is a new wireless backup camera that enhances a driver’s rear vision and awareness of his or her surroundings on the road, in a parking lot and during docking maneuvers. Great Dane engineers and ASA Electronics worked collaboratively to create this unique system. The Everest Reefer isn’t new, but that doesn’t mean it stays the same. The roof is now constructed with a strong and durable bonded edge over composite roof bows. The Everest also now has a fastener-less cove molding, which creates a smooth, durable surface. Great Dane’s reefer design has the most advanced insulation foaming process, modular panel construction, premium PunctureGuard or optional ThermoGuard liners, an advanced floor system, and optional side doors with Great Dane’s unique blade lock. To help make nighttime deliveries safer, Great Dane has partnered again with Grote to introduce new LED trailer lighting that turns on automatically and creates a safer and more productive workplace. The Great Dane Alpine refrigerated truck bodies have their roots in the success of Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, a wholly owned Great Dane subsidiary. Now they carry the Great Dane brand and receive all the support that it brings. The trailer and truck body marketplace is changing, and Great Dane is responding with new and better products that customers want and need. Whether the need is lights, cameras, reefers, truck bodies or something else, you can be sure the Great Dane team will respond with action.

Best regards,

Dean Engelage
President Great Dane