Enhanced Lighting Inside and Out

Late nights, early morning and dreary conditions can create hazardous environments for loading and unloading trailers. Even in bright sunlight, the interior of a trailer can be dim and difficult to navigate. Without proper lighting, the risk of injury to a driver increases significantly. Great Dane and Grote understand the vital need for safe lighting solutions. The companies have for years partnered to offer innovative lighting technologies that provide optimal illumination and safer workspaces.

The latest offerings provide enhanced lighting inside and out. Grote exterior perimeter lights, which are also called radius lights, feature the latest LED technology to create a safe and productive workplace. This is further enhanced by Grote’s proprietary flood light pattern designed specifically for the trailer’s rear and side doors.

The perimeter lights are made with TIR lens optics to maximize the efficiency of the LEDs and ensure every lumen possible is projected in the workspace in and around the trailer. The light is also IP69K compliant, which means it is rated to withstand high-pressure water spray. A rugged aluminum die cast housing protects the light from physical abuse.

The Grote motion sensor dome lights have a passive infrared (PIR) sensor that shuts off the light to save energy when no one is working around it, and then automatically turns on when movement is detected. Depending on how the lights are installed, this sensor can eliminate the need for a flip switch to activate the lights. It also creates a safer workspace that provides light as needed immediately when someone enters the area. Multiple motion dome lamp systems can be integrated together so that all the dome lights in the trailer communicate with each other and operate in unison when any of the lights in the system detect movement.

To maximize lamp longevity, the circuit boards are encapsulated within the dome lights, and include automatic thermal protection, so the lights will help create a safe work environment for years to come.