Dry Freight Perfection

Retail stores, furniture shops, appliance stores and other businesses that deliver large goods around town or to a customer’s home need to know their cargo is secure and their delivery truck is reliable. They also want their truck to be aesthetically pleasing and a good reflection of their brand.

When it comes to purchasing the best dry van for their applications, these businesses have two excellent choices from Great Dane: the Sahara CP composite and Sahara SE aluminum. Both models are perfect for all dry freight applications, including last mile home delivery, business to business, furniture, rental and leasing, and more.

The Sahara truck bodies incorporate the best of Great Dane’s proven trailer technology and sturdy construction techniques. They are safe and efficient dry vans that offer the high quality and flexibility that delivery businesses demand.

The Sahara is built tough from top to bottom. It has a nose made with a one-piece extruded aluminum top rail and an aluminum bottom rail bolted to steel crossmembers. The sidewalls can be composite panels or pre-painted aluminum skin sheets, both of which provide a clean look.

The Sahara uses Great Dane’s innovative tie-down system, sub-floor and bolt-on design, which lowers the bed height and vehicle center of gravity. This unique tie-down system also eliminates the need for U-bolts, which are common in the industry and require more maintenance than the Great Dane tie-down system. This feature can reduce costs in the long run.

The roof system includes 18-gauge, galvanized steel, anti-snag roof bows mounted on 24-inch centers. The Sahara comes standard with an aluminum roof, and an optional translucent roof sheet version is available. It allows more natural light into the cargo area, which can make sorting cargo easier.

The standard floor system is a sturdy fork-truck-loading capable 1-1/8-inch hardwood, and thicker floors are an option. Underneath it all are 3-inch steel crossmembers on 12-inch centers. As an option, customers may choose crossmembers on 8-inch centers in the last 56 inches of the body to support even more weight. The Sahara can be outfitted with all major lift gate designs for maximum productivity.

The Great Dane EnduroGuard rear frame is renowned for its structural performance. Pallet deflectors are standard on roll-up doors.

The LED lights and Grote LongLife sealed harness with a 10-year warranty provide lighting to make nighttime deliveries to businesses or homes safer.

Of course, a variety of options and configurations are available, including body lengths from 16 to 26 feet and widths of 96 inches and 102 inches.

For more information, please contact the Great Dane Truck Body team at 1-800-922-8360 extension #2 for Sales.