A Mark Vend. Co trailer, manufactured by Great Dane

Mark Vend Co. Customer Story: How All-Electric Truck Bodies Help Meet New Convenience Distributing Challenges

Mark Vend Co., a leader in Northern Illinois’ vending industry, believes a happy customer is one with choices. To meet...

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An unknown person passes a package to another person

Building Transportation Solutions for Convenience Industry Distributors

The convenience distribution industry is a big driver for the American economy, with business sales totaling more than $102 billion...

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A tractor trailer driver unloads a shipment from a Great Dane refrigerated trailer

A Total System Approach: The FSMA and Food Transportation

The food supply chain is a complex system. More than 200 billion metric tons of food are transported throughout the...

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A person unloads fresh fruit and vegetables from a Great Dane refrigerated trailer

Don’t Take Risks with Your Refrigerated Food Delivery

If you transport frozen or perishable goods, you can’t leave your loads to chance. Inconsistency opens the door for bacterial...

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