Great Dane Elevates Sales Organizational Design; Announces VP of Corporate Sales, VP of Aftermarket Services

(Savannah, Georgia – February 21, 2022) Great Dane today announced a new update in the company’s sales organizational design, elevating...

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Great Connects Us

Great Dane Unveils Strategic Brand Design

(Savannah, Georgia – Feb. 17, 2022) – Great Dane is unveiling a new brand evolution, one that represents the company’s...

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Aurora and Great Dane Partnership Logos

Strategic Partnership Announcement

Great Dane, LLC and Aurora Parts and Accessories, LLC announce strategic partnership   (Savannah, Georgia – Sept. 1, 2020) – Great Dane, LLC and...

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TTMA Plant Safety Awards

Two Great Dane Facilities Receive TTMA Plant Safety Awards Savannah, Georgia – May 5, 2020 Great Dane today announced that...

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Great Dane - Velocity Vehicle Grouop

Velocity Vehicle Group Partnership

Savannah, Georgia – May 5, 2020 Great Dane announced today that Velocity Vehicle Group has partnered with the company as...

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Great Dane Celebrates 120 Years

(Atlanta, Georgia – February 24, 2020) – Great Dane will be celebrating 120 years of innovation, premium service, and quality...

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New Smart Trailer System Introduction

The Future of Goods Mobility is Here (Atlanta, Georgia – October 25, 2019) Great Dane will be introducing its new...

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Great Dane and Coretex Announcement at IFDA

Industry leaders collaborate to provide refrigerated fleets with single source of data from reefer and trailer units (Orlando, Florida –...

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