Arctic Express

“We have purchased nothing but Great Dane trailers for the last 26 years. The quality of the product is best in class.”
Richard Durst, Owner, Arctic Express

Richard Durst, owner of Arctic Express, owns a fleet of Great Dane Everest trailers because he likes the service and convenience.

Arctic Express, founded in 1981, has headquarters in Hilliard, Ohio, and serves the Lower 48 states. The carrier’s major customers include such respected companies as Dole Fresh Vegetables, Smithfield Packing and Hormel.

“We have purchased nothing but Great Dane trailers for the last 26 years,” Durst said. “The quality of the product is best in class. They have proven to be reliable and durable, and are accompanied by great product support.”

Arctic Express is committed to delivering its customers’ products safely. The Great Dane trailers the company uses are equipped with air ride suspension that “dramatically reduce the potential for cargo damage by providing a smoother ride and tends to balance and equalize the trailer load,” Durst said.

Maintaining interior temperatures as low as -20°F is critical to protect customers’ cargo. Arctic Express spec’s its trailers with Great Dane’s ThermoGuard lining for greater thermal efficiency, which helps cooling units last longer. This lining helps maintain insulation performance as the trailer ages, allowing Arctic Express to extend the useful life of its trailers and increasing its return on investment with a higher resale value than trailers with traditional liners.

All of the fleet’s new trailers are equipped with telematics technology, Durst said. “This gives Arctic Express even greater precision in monitoring and maintaining specific temperatures to ensure that all of the products we haul are kept at the exact temperature prescribed by the shipper.


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