AdvantEDGE for Consistent, Quality Transportation

PAM Transport, Inc. is an irregular route common and contract carrier that provides service throughout most of the United States and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, Canada. The carrier specializes in just-in-time service to the automotive, manufacturing and retail industries. Established in April 1980, the company has been serving its customers in a timely, cost-effective and reliable manner for over 35 years. To maintain that reliability, the company depends on Great Dane’sNational Aftermarket Parts and Service Program, AdvantEDGE.

According to James Bennett, outsource maintenance manager for PAM Transportation, “Being a part of AdvantEDGE has enabled us to build better, long-lasting relationships with Great Dane and service centers under the AdvantEDGE umbrella. Looking at the entire scope of operations, it all comes down to cost, communication and great service. Having negotiated parts pricing and labor rates across the board helps to reduce timely conversations that lead to extended downtime. We want the satisfaction of knowing that when we receive an estimate, there is little to negotiate. If we experience any problems, Great Dane support staff is quick to respond with a desired solution.”

In addition to billing and communication, “AdvantEDGE gives us flexibility within our shipping lanes to have superior service wherever the freight takes us,” said Bennett. “When trailer repairs are needed, Great Dane and their affiliates are our first choice. Lower cost, great communication and reduced downtime are the key factors why PAM Transport is a part of AdvantEDGE.”


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