3 Key Takeaways from the IFDA Conference

What a terrific week this has been! Great Dane spent two days with our foodservice industry friends in Washington D.C. discussing the future of telematics, food safety, fleet operations and a myriad of other topics that are so important to the safe and efficient delivery of goods. Our relationship with the customer is what has driven this company for 117 years, and it is what will drive our future. We believe in the bond between the people of two organizations working together to solve problems and that is what this show is all about – solving problems together to drive the future.

In reflection from these last few days, we have gathered our top three takeaways from IFDA:

1. Great Dane’s Alpine Truck Body is the best-in-class body available to our customers.

This was made very clear through many discussions with customers. Great Dane has laid a strong foundation with fleets over the past two years and now those customers want more. There is a long list of customers who are coming back to buy more units in 2018 as well as many new customers who have not experienced our truck bodies yet and are excited to check out our product.

2. Great Dane innovation past, present and future is what drives these fleets.

Great Dane invented the refrigerated trailer nearly 70 years ago and then the multi-temp trailer several decades ago. Today, most of the fleets at IFDA are using multi-temp reefers based on the vision of Great Dane’s engineers. Our current innovations, like the RIG 30, ReverseAlert, ThermoGuard and Microban, are leading our customers to new levels of safe and efficient deliveries. Our FleetPulse telematics products – arriving in the near future – will continue this strong legacy of Great Dane innovations leading the foodservice industry. Great Dane is the foodservice leader in all the markets we serve, and with our unparalleled quality and field support, we will continue to grow in this very important segment going forward.

3. Great Dane customers deserve nothing less than the absolute best.

All Great Dane employees are reminded of this fact every day when we come to work. Spending a few days with customers at an event as important as IFDA reinforces the importance of our work and our dedication to YOU, the customer. You count on Great Dane to deliver the highest-quality products available. You do not want a quick and cheap solution. You want partners – partners who understand your needs and care as much about your business, your employees and your customers as you do.

At Great Dane, we work hard to maintain an intimate understanding of our customers’ needs so we can create innovative, custom products and services to support each customer’s individual operations. We are the partner you can trust to deliver custom solutions that differentiate you in the marketplace and help propel your business’ growth.